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Best FM YouTubers: The only guide you’ll need

Best Fm Youtubers The Only Guide Youll Need 4535883

I’ll admit it.

I love watching people sitting in their underwear commenting the game while playing on YouTube…

However, it has been hard finding FM YouTuber’s that really interested me.

Like the guy next to me, I went to YouTube, typed in “FM Let’s play” and tried watching it, but it didn’t really catch me. So, I stopped searching.

It wasn’t until someone posted a thread about it on reddit, that I finally discovered some good FM YouTubers.

Now, thanks to the help of r/footballmanagergames on reddit I’ve decided to make a thorough list and description of the best ones out there…

Description: How to describe DoctorBenjy FM? Well, he says that if the boy band Blue had been an FM Let’s Play on YouTube this would have been it. There is a large element of roleplay in his videos and humor plays a big part. In other words, you will either love or hate DoctorBenjy.

Best quote: “Romania? It’s just a little east of Bristol”

Games: Games are shown in 2D with replay of goals in 3D.

Shows all games? Usually 5-6 games gaps in between episodes, where he looks back at those games and plays a game or two on-screen.

Noteworthy series: His current series, Road Trip is a journeyman save where he starts out in Romania. Comes highly recommended.

I like Benjy because he’s quite funny. He’s also not that good at the game and makes silly decisions, which makes it even more funny and leads to lot’s of interesting situations.

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Description: Quill18 is probably the largest YouTuber, who does Football Manager. Quill is an intelligent player who loves to learn and tinkle with the games he plays.

His FM let’s plays is no exception and if you want to see someone learning the game and experiment, Quill is the guy for you. As an experienced player, seeing Quill make easily avoidable mistakes can be hard, but as he is an intelligent guy who understands game mechanics, he picks up on these faults and improves which is always gratifying to see.

Best Quote: “Game is going well… let’s change team mentality”

Games: All games are shown in 3D with Quill commenting the game.

Shows all games? Yes. Quill does indeed show all games and at 1-2 games per episode a season contains more episodes than you see from other YouTubers.

Noteworthy series: Quill18 only has one FM17 series, but it is quite entertaining. Go watch his Ayr United playthrough here.

Quilly18 is fascinating. He starts playing FM with little knowledge of football and picks Ayr to manage.

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Description: Loki Doki is a very animatic and charismatic YouTuber who targets more mature audiences. Myself being a 30+ (closer to 40) guy love him and he has a very well developed and somewhat sarcastic British sense of humour.

He plays at a relatively high level but is in no means a min-maxer.

Best quote: On bringing Harry Owen to VVV-Venlo: “He will also help out in the burger-van and we work well together”.

Games: All games are shown in 3D at a relatively slow pace with Loki commenting.

Shows all games? No. Loki plays some games off-screen and will often skip a month off-camera. The next episode will start with him looking back at those games, and then play one or two games during the episode.

Noteworthy series: His current series “The Journey” is fantastic. In the series, he starts unemployed with the lowest possible qualifications. Without revealing too much he relatively quickly works himself up to larger tasks.

Loki Doki is one of the best Youtubers out there. He is a genuinely nice chap, and has bags of charisma. At the moment, he is doing a Journeyman save on Youtube. Pretty entertaining!

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Description: If you want someone playing at a high level in terms of squad building, WorkTheSpace is for you.

Best quote: “They have potential but they’ve not shown it so far in this game although they have a chance and it’s Smith with the goal for them”.

Games: Shows the games in 2D with replays of goals in 3D

Shows all games? Plays most of the games off screen. Episodes start with WorkTheSpace (or Jack as he’s known) with him looking forward to a game that will be broadcast. But first, he looks back at what has happened since last time. Will usually skip a month and a season takes 8-12 episodes.

Noteworthy series: Jack is currently doing a lower league management (LLM) series where he has taken charge of Hereford United.

I like the format of the series very much – feel you get a nice balance between live commentary, tactics talk and general management of the club. Nice idea for a season review, too!

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Description: GoldenFM lies in the area between experimentation and being good at the game. He is pretty good at squad building and you can learn a lot from him about this subject.

Best Quote: Point green socks at the camera: “Green socks… I’m still supporting the lads of course”

Games: Shows games in 3D at a speed that is faster than most other YouTubers.

Shows all games? Plays 5-6 games off screen and then plays 1-2 during the episode

Noteworthy series: His current series, Regen Rovers is quite unique in the universe. And if you don’t believe me, check out the comment below. 

Golden FM has a pretty interesting series called Regen Rovers where he created a new club with no players and only signs regens. He starts out in the Vanarama National League South and tries to work his way to the top.

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Description: BusttheNet is a favourite among many who likes to watch a series at a very high level. While not as “purely entertaining” as many others, he is one of the YouTubers with the highest knowledge of the game, and if you want to become better at the game he is great to watch.

Best quote: “We got in three defenders, but one of them never got a chance to play”

Games: Games are shown in 3D.

Shows all games? Like many others, he plays one to two games on-screen and then plays some off screen. However, with BusttheNet is at less about the actual game and commenting it, and more about the preparation being put into it.

Noteworthy series: Currently doing a very interesting Torino save.

Bust the net is one of the only ones I watch these days, not as entertaining as some others in terms of presentation, but very good to learn about the game.

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Description: Lollujo falls in the same mold as Loki Doki and DoctorBenjy. Very funny and some roleplay in his series, fx. “buying” a house in the place he’ll live.

Best quote: “We need to push on for legendary status, ‘cause I quite like the whole mansion stuff”, when starting a non-league save on a £240 per week contract.

Games: Shows games in 2D with goal replays in 3D.

Shows all games? As is customary, he starts episodes by looking back at the games played off-screen to play two games on screen. Plays a season in 7-10 episodes.

Noteworthy series: If you are into lower league management you should check out his Non-League to Legend series.

His first play through of non-league to legend was where I started at! Very good play through series, think it’s funny how he always manages to overspend.

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Description: One of the most pleasant voices on FM and a very competent FM player. Add to this, awesome intros, lots of edits and background music and you have a YouTuber that stands out from most others. It is clear that Bood puts more energy into each episode than most others out there.

Best Quote: “Gives it back to his keeper (Mucha) who sounds like a coffee”.

Games: Shows games in 3D with lots of edits.

Shows all games? Like most others, start by looking back at games, however, he doesn’t only look back he also shows replays of the goals. Then he usually play one game on camera.

Noteworthy series: His current series, Bood N Da Hudd is an awesome Huddersfield Town save.

Bood FM is a great youtuber. The presentation and effort he puts into his videos are fantastic.

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Description: DerFM is one of those YouTubers, that doesn’t put a lot of energy into roleplaying. Instead, he definitely has an edge on most other YouTubers in terms of his tactical knowledge and plain knowledge of the game.

+ for the German accent as well…

Best Quote: Every time he says a German name.

Games: Games are in 2D with replays in 3D

Shows all games? No. Usually shows one game an episode, and also gives a lot of tactical and other insights between games.

Noteworthy series: Like many others, DerFM is doing a journeyman series, however, he only does it in Germany.

DerFM is one of the most underrated FM youtubers there is. I highly recommend his channel.

Second this. His tactical analysis/knowledge is excellent.

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Description: Don’t want to watch FM players with a British accent? Well here’s a thick American accent worthy of a Super Bowl Budweiser ad.

Best Quote: “They do speak Spanish in Spain, correct?”

Games: Will usually play two games during a 10 minute episode and do the typical 4-6 games off-camera in between episodes.

Shows all games? Games are in 2D with replays in 3D

Noteworthy series: One of the few to have tackled the challenge that is Athletic Bilbao.

GendoFM is one of my favorite go-to guys. He’s an American who’s done several serie sthat I’ve enjoyed, The World’s First as Sheffield FC in FM16 being a solid one. For FM17, he recently started a save as Bilbao after running a couple of seasons with his hometown Chicago Fire that was designed as a how-to for those who want to do a Major League Soccer save, if you’ve ever considered going to America but couldn’t wrap your head around our drafting system and other quirks to the US league.

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Description: For someone who also does roleplay stuff and edits quite a lot, One True Nerd plays at a relatively high level. Due to the edits, the series feels high paced compared to many others out there.

Best Quote: “Jorge (his dog) has just run off… like the wife, back to England”

Games: Shown in 3D with edits during the game to make them shorter.

Shows all games? No but will show edited highlights when looking back at games played off screen.

Noteworthy series: In his current series he is starting at the mid level with Recreative Huelva. Check out The Recreative Rejuvination

First video that I’ve seen of you and tbh I’ve lost interest in FM over the past year but some how this came up and really enjoyed it so definitely going to look out for the next episodes! Subscribed btw 🙂

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Or maybe you have a suggestion for a channel that’s not included?

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