Persistent Bitcoin Scam Targets UK Football Player Harry Kane


It seems the rise of Bitcoin has not gone completely unnoticed by scammers. An old get-rich-scheme named “Immediate Edge” has recently resurfaced and is targeting famous UK footballer Harry Kane. Kane just happens to be the captain of the England national team, and a leading scorer for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Widely regarded to be one of the leading strikers in the world, Kane was used by scammers who claim he has discovered a new “wealth loophole” which allows him to generate passive income.

It’s worth pointing out that there are several versions of this software claiming to be the “real Immediate Edge app”. However, after making some inquiries we were able to ascertain that is the official website and trading app.

Bitcoin Scams Constantly On The Rise
Bitcoin is on a bull run, and some experts predict this trend will not abate any time soon. There are many explanations for this, but the fact remains. Virtual currencies are here to stay, and so are the scammers who will do anything in their power to manipulate the facts in order to bait their victims.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed?
If you want to avoid getting your wallet fleeced, we strongly recommend you do your research properly. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get your facts straight, and ultimately it’s your responsibility to trade responsibly.



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