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FMGuido’s Monthly Digest – April 2017

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Welcome to the third edition of FMGuido’s Monthly Digest.

Amongst others, we take an in-depth look at small club finances as well as what happens when every Premier League team plays 2-3-5.

(Hint: Lots of goals!)

So, give it a read and you’ll hopefully find some FM inspiration.

We start off this Monthly Roundup with a very inspirational post…

Thank you, Football Manager!

We start off with this 5-minute read which documents the love affair for FM, that we have all been through. Our hero in the story starts playing the game at the age of 12 and falls in love with the game. Sounds familiar, right?

… and his parents also thought he spent too much time with the game…

But fast forward 16 years and the teller in the story is starting to reach the upper echelons of coaching in basketball.

And what inspired him to go into coaching? Football Manager of course.

Go read the full story here.

Building a squad to win

BusttheNet is a well-known face around the FM Scene and is generally regarded as one the best FM tacticians.

He also has an awesome YouTube channel which I highly recommend.

And finally, he runs the website, AddictedtoFM.

In this article, he takes an in-depth look at how you build a squad to win, when you are far behind your competitors in terms of club stature and financials.

So, if you’re looking to learn more about swing attributes and golden zones, this is the article for you.

Adapting Aspects of Moneyball into Football Manager

In Baseball, Moneyball has triumphed to the point of being used by every club taking itself serious.

It is so widespread that an excellent movie starring Brad Pitt has been made – and which you should go watch if you haven’t already.

In this article which is pretty much a case study, DistanceCovered uses FM to implement Moneyball tactics using RB Leipzig.

He puts down three simple rules for his transfer policy:

1. Signing underappreciated players who are transfer-listed

2. Signing undervalued players from poor leagues

3. Signing prospects & developing them without maximising their game time

You can go read the article here.

What if… every team used a 2-3-5 formation?

Back in our February Football Manager Digest, we covered one of Sonnorcteer’s experiments.

And this time he’s back with a tactical experiment looking at what happens if every team uses a 2-3-5.

As you would expect, this of course means goals, goals and more goals – for example a 9-8 aggregate win in the Champions League knock-out stages.

As always, Sonnorcteer goes above and beyond simming the game to 2050 to see the long term effects of his experiment.

How to Balance The Books at a Smaller Club in FM17

We saved the best for last: A financial guide…

No don’t run away, it’s really good!

In this article, FM Adventure takes us through the process of managing finances at clubs.

He covers everything from friendlies, affiliates and how to negotiate contracts in Football Manager.

There are some really good tips in it, and although it is written as a guide for smaller clubs, it can really be used for any club.


This wraps up the third edition of FMGuido’s Monthly Digest.

I highly recommend putting aside the time to go through these links.

It’ll be well worth your time and you might just learn a bit or two to take into you FM game.

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