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FMGuido’s Monthly Digest – April 2017

Welcome to the third edition of FMGuido’s Monthly Digest.Amongst others, we take an in-depth look at small club finances as well as what happens when every Premier League team plays 2-3-5.(Hint: Lots of goals!)So, give it a read and you’ll hopefully find some FM inspiration.We start off this Monthly Roundup with a very inspirational post…Thank […]

FMGuido’s Monthly Digest – March 2017

by @guidosteveWelcome to the second edition of FMGuido’s Monthly Digest.In this month’s edition, we cover a bunch of exciting Football Manager content published in the month of March. We will look into why it’s easier to sell players for more than their value when you’re in a small league, we’ll take a look at a […]

FMGuido’s monthly digest – February 2017

Welcome to the first edition of FMGuido’s Monthly Digest.Every month, there is so much good content published in the world of Football Manager. Actually, there is so much good FM content published that it can easily “get lost in the woods”.That’s why I’ve put together this monthly roundup to help you maneuver through and find […]